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Cortiju Spiritu Santo is a family business that prides itself on its great olive tradition. Three generations of the family have grown up in an area aptly nicknamed “the sea of olive trees”. This area lies nestled in the region of "La Loma" in the province of Jaén in Southern Spain. The family cultivates approximately 100 hectares of olive trees of the "picual" variety. From the outset, they have always followed environmentally friendly techniques to avoid soil erosion and degradation and to preserve biodiversity. The result is a thriving olive orchard that produces high quality fruit with complex herbaceous and fruity aromas.

The olive oil is made from olives that are picked at optimum ripeness. The oil mill is located on the farm itself, which minimizes the time between picking and processing the fruit. This ensures that the oil extracted is of the highest quality and the aromas, flavors and nutrients of the olives are preserved without any loss. Only low temperatures not exceeding 22º C are used during the extraction process. The resultant product is stored in a cellar at controlled temperature for optimum conservation.

Their products are not only delicious, but they are packaged beautifully with unique packaging and bottle shapes.

The brand’s flagship product, Cortijo Spiritu Santo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from olives that are picked at their optimum ripeness during the first days of October. The olives are then processed with extreme care, to ensure that each drop has the maximum flavor and aroma. The resultant oil has a complex herbaceous-fruity-spicy flavor that is ideal for use in preparing sauces, marinades and emulsions to accompany any fish, pasta or meat dish.

Perfect to drizzle on all of your favorite dishes, from fresh salads to cooked foods, this olive oil brings flavor and freshness to everything it touches. Packaged in unique, bright, floral packaging, both bottle designs come equipped with non-drip dispensers that prevents spillage and allow you to enjoy every last drop.

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