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Located in the South-West of France, Favols has been a traditional jam maker for more than 40 years. Their products are rigorously selected from the plantation to the transformation, resulting in outstanding jams, confits, and chutneys.

From its creation, Favols has always preached authenticity and traditional savoir-faire. They always work with the noblest and the purest products to ensure the best effects and the best results. Through the years, these high-quality standards have been awarded many times in France or in the USA. In 1982 they received for the first time the award of the “Best Jam of the World” at the Fancy Food Show in New York, the first of a long list of awards.

To spread on bread, to accompany cheese or meats, Favols has created an range of products to transform your daily routine into a savory and delicate experience.

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