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This Himalayan Pink Salt is harvested and packed by Comptoirs & Compagnies, a French brand known for its passion for introducing little-known but high quality organic products, which soon become a staple in homes and fine dining establishments everywhere.

To obtain the purest form of Himalayan Pink Salt, the company harvests the salt from an un-polluted pure sea that dried up over 200 million years ago at the foothills of the Himalayas. Through water filtering by mineral rich magma over millions of years, this salt has been naturally enriched with minerals and essential elements. The crystals have a pink hue because of the iron trapped within.

The packaging is just as high quality as the contents within. The 250 gm Box of Himalayan Pink Salt comes packed with a beech wood spoon so you can control the amount of salt you use. It contains 0.5-1mm fine salt.

The Pink Himalayan Salt Mill makes an elegant addition to any dining table. The 2 – 3 mm crystals can be ground to the size that suits you by adjusting the screw on the head of the mill. Stylish, practical and convenient, this Salt Mill is a great addition to any gourmet gift basket.

Himalayan Pink Salt has a delicate and subtle flavor that enhances the taste of any dish that it is sprinkled over. The high iron content draws out unique flavors of foods and gives them a fresh new taste. Sprinkle a little bit of this salt onto your favorite chocolate truffle to give it a unique sweet and salty taste or use the grinder to add a touch of pink salt to any fish, poultry, rice dishes, or a bowl of fresh greens.

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