Les Confitures a l'Ancienne Quince Spread 9.5oz

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This image features a jar of jam, prominently displayed against a white background. The jam is contained in a glass jar, suggesting a homemade or artisanal product. The label on the jar is white and the text indicates that it's a Quince jam, produced in France. The label also includes a variety of other information, such as 'ANDRÉSY AL'ANCIENNE' and 'THE ESSENTIALS'. The year 1952 is also mentioned, possibly indicating the establishment year of the brand or a special recipe. The words 'CUISSON EN CHAUDRON DE CUIVRE' suggest that the jam might have been cooked in a copper pot, a traditional method often used in jam making. The overall appearance of the jar and its contents imply a high quality, gourmet product.

Les Confitures à l'Ancienne Quince Spread: A Slice of French Culinary Tradition

Introducing "Les Confitures à l'Ancienne Quince Spread" from the renowned Les Confitures à l'Ancienne. This delectable delight is a celebration of tradition and flavor, making it a must-have in your culinary repertoire.

What is Quince Spread?
Quince spread, a treasured delicacy, captures the essence of the quince fruit in a luxurious, velvety form. Quince is a golden-hued fruit known for its tantalizing aroma and unique balance of sweetness and tartness. In this spread, the vibrant quince is transformed into a luscious, fruit-forward preserve. Its distinctive taste is reminiscent of ripe pear, apple, and a hint of citrus, making it a truly one-of-a-kind culinary gem.

Versatile Culinary Magic:
Use it as a spread for breakfast, brunch, or tea time, and watch it transform your morning toast into a gourmet delight. Pair it with soft cheeses such as Brie, Manchego, or Camembert for an elegant appetizer that wows your guests.

In the kitchen, this quince spread is a secret weapon for enhancing both sweet and savory dishes. Glaze roast meats or poultry with its rich, sweet-tart notes to create a masterpiece that your family and friends will adore. Drizzle it over yogurt or ice cream for a quick and delicious dessert upgrade.

Experience the magic of Les Confitures à l'Ancienne Quince Spread and let your culinary creations shine with the irresistible allure of quince. Buy a jar today and embark on a delectable journey of flavor, quality, and French culinary heritage.


Cane sugar, quinces, gelling agent : pectins, acidifier : citric acid.