Giuseppe Giusti 5 Gold Medals - Cubica 8.4oz

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The image features a bottle of "Gran Deposito Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP" by Giuseppe Giusti, presented next to its sophisticated packaging. The bottle is crafted with a traditional rounded shape and sealed with a vibrant red wax, accented with a red ribbon. Its label is ornately designed, reflecting the brand's historic significance and boasting various awards. The background packaging is a tall, dark panel detailed with elegant gold lettering and several historical medals, emphasizing the vinegar's esteemed quality and the long-standing heritage of the Giusti family since 1605. This packaging not only protects the bottle but also enhances its presentation as a product of premium quality and rich history.

DESCRIPTION: The ultimate pride and expression of the art of Giusti vinegars, the “Banda Rossa” was the personal gift from Uncle Giuseppe to family members. This elixir is of robust body and concentration, and is distinguished by its extraordinary complexity and rich bouquet of aromas.

YEARS AGED: 20 years.

INGREDIENTS: Must of cooked grapes, aged wine vinegar

AGEING: In series of antique small casks, dating back to the 1700’s. Extracted in a limited quantity, once a year

TASTING NOTES: Characterized by its sweetness, a great body and rich aromatic bouquet with notes of plum, black cherries and sweet spices, infused with the fragrances of ancient woods in which it was left to age; the taste is long lasting

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Perfect on risotto, eggs, cheeses, tartare and sliced steak, crustaceans and desserts. It's also ideal for making cocktails

RECYCLABILITY: Bottle (GL 70): glass. Cap (C/PVC 90): plastic. Bottle capsule: no-recycling. Box (PAP 21): paper. Check your recycling collection system.

Download the Technical Sheet Here.

 The image features a circular seal or logo with a royal blue background and a golden-yellow border. Inside the border, there is a repeating text that reads "INDICAZIONE GEOGRAFICA PROTETTA" which translates to "Protected Geographical Indication" in English. This label is commonly used in European Union countries to designate products with qualities or a reputation that are due to that specific geographic origin.  In the center of the seal, there's a golden-yellow stylized sheaf of wheat that radiates outwards, with the tips pointing towards the edges of the seal. The sheaf forms a semi-circle and is overlaid by a band that carries the same golden-yellow color as the border and the wheat. Across the band, there's a row of 12 five-pointed stars arranged in a circle, which is reminiscent of the flag of the European Union.  This emblem is likely used to certify that a food or agricultural product is of a certain quality and produced within a designated geographical area, according to specific regulations.