Giuseppe Giusti 1 Silver Medal - Champagnotta 8.4oz

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The image depicts a bottle of Aceto Balsamico di Modena, specifically from the Giuseppe Giusti Gran Deposito. The bottle is dark, possibly glass, and has a label dominated by white and grey tones with black text, featuring ornate and intricate designs. At the top of the bottle, there's a black cap with a label that bears the Giusti family crest, which is a red shield with a white cross, and above it, the name "GIUSTI" in white text on a black background.

The main label on the body of the bottle has a vintage feel, with decorative borders and flourishes, emphasizing the product's heritage and quality. The text "GRAN DEPOSITO ACETO BALSAMICO GIUSEPPE GIUSTI MODENA FONDATO" is prominently displayed, indicating the product's origins from the Giuseppe Giusti estate in Modena, which was established over a century ago. The label also includes the indication "1GF," likely referring to a grading or quality system. The bottom of the label mentions that it's a product with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), as evidenced by the official EU PGI logo.

The overall presentation of the bottle suggests a high-quality, traditional balsamic vinegar, suitable for gourmet cooking and culinary enthusiasts.

DESCRIPTION: Characterized by a rich perfume and an agreeable and rounded acidity, the Silver Medal is an aromatic product which, with its intensity, enhances the flavors of any dish. It can be used fresh or can be heated in cooking preparations.

YEARS AGED: 6 years.

INGREDIENTS: Aged wine vinegar, must of cooked grapes.

AGEING: In French oak barrels, from the 1900s with the addition of aged balsamic vinegar extracted from centuries old casks.

TASTING NOTES: Fresh and light, with a marked and balanced balsamic acidity.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Perfect for salads, raw vegetables, vinaigrette, for marinating and for cooking.

RECYCLABILITY: Bottle (GL 70): glass. Cap (C/PVC 90): plastic. Bottle capsule: no-recycling. Box (PAP 21): paper. Check your recycling collection system.

Download the Technical Sheet Here.

 The image features a circular seal or logo with a royal blue background and a golden-yellow border. Inside the border, there is a repeating text that reads "INDICAZIONE GEOGRAFICA PROTETTA" which translates to "Protected Geographical Indication" in English. This label is commonly used in European Union countries to designate products with qualities or a reputation that are due to that specific geographic origin.  In the center of the seal, there's a golden-yellow stylized sheaf of wheat that radiates outwards, with the tips pointing towards the edges of the seal. The sheaf forms a semi-circle and is overlaid by a band that carries the same golden-yellow color as the border and the wheat. Across the band, there's a row of 12 five-pointed stars arranged in a circle, which is reminiscent of the flag of the European Union.  This emblem is likely used to certify that a food or agricultural product is of a certain quality and produced within a designated geographical area, according to specific regulations.