Leone Original Candy Strawberry Flavor 1.5oz

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The image shows a box of "Leone Pastiglie," this time featuring the flavor "Fragola," which is Italian for strawberry. The pastilles are described as "Sweet Strawberry Pastilles." The box's design has a soft peach to pink gradient background, reminiscent of the color of strawberries, with a darker peach top.

The historic brand "Leone" is presented at the top of the box in a script-like, elegant yellow-gold font, with the establishment year "dal 1857," suggesting a long-standing tradition. "Pastiglie" is stylishly written across the box in a decorative font.

The product's flavor "Fragola" is written on the white label in the lower half of the box, in a serif font that stands out clearly against the background. Below the flavor name, the English translation "Sweet Strawberry Pastilles" is provided. A small, realistic image of a strawberry is placed at the bottom of the flavor label, giving a visual cue of the taste. The label also declares "Product of Italy," indicating the origin of the pastilles. The net weight of the contents is listed at the bottom of the label as 27g / 0.95oz. The design suggests a delightful and classic confectionery item from Italy.

Pastiglie Leone's Candy Originals are the Company's oldest and most distinctive confectionery product. These small delights are the result of a careful choice of essences, extracts and herbs to enhance the fragrance and scent of the various different flavors. Their pleasant pastel shades (made from natural ingredients) make this product alluring to the eye as well as to the palate.

Ingredients: Sugar, Arabic gum, tragacanth, strawberry juice, natural flavors, tartaric acid, and cochineal extract.