A l'Olivier Lemon From Nice Olive Oil 8.4oz

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Infused Olive Oil
A captivating image of a premium French Lemon From Nice Olive Oil, beautifully presented in a tin. The olive oil is infused with the tangy and zesty essence of locally-sourced lemons from Nice, France, creating a refreshing and invigorating flavor profile. The tin showcases the golden-green liquid, radiating a luscious sheen that promises a burst of citrusy aroma. The label on the tin features a stylish design, evoking the Mediterranean charm of Nice, with images of lemons and olive trees. This exquisite Lemon From Nice Olive Oil is perfect for adding a touch of sunshine to your culinary creations, whether it's drizzled on salads, used for marinades, or to enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes. A taste of the French Riviera captured in a tin of refreshing indulgence.

The well-known lemon from Nice infused into olive oil: a must-have! Try our aromatic lemon from Nice olive oil. Fall in love with its slightly bitter and deliciously fruity flavour. It's guaranteed to transport you to Provence.

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How to use:

This oil is ideal for adding a fresh flavor to all kinds of gourmet salads (Caesar, tabbouleh, crudités). It also makes an excellent fish marinade and complements dishes such as lemon chicken, tagine and baked fish. It even tastes great in baked goods! This oil goes well with passion fruit vinegar, white wine and basil vinegar, balsamic vinegar of Modena or sherry vinegar.  

Composition + Ingredients:

CULINARY PREPARATION MADE FROM EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL 99%, LEMON FROM THE NICE REGION EXTRACT AND LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, lemon infused olive oil (extra virgin olive oil, lemon from the Nice region 2.5%), lemon essential oil 0.2%. Store in a cool dark place. Nutritional values for 100 ml : Energy: 3428 kJ / 819 kcal - Fat: 91 g - of which saturates: 13 g - Carbohydrate: 0 g - of which sugars: 0 g - Protein: 0 g - Salt: 0 g.