Distilleries Peureux

In 1955 Claude Peureux began harvesting delicious wild Morello cherries exclusively for chocolate makers. On the heels of his success, Peureux launched a new product: his world-famous Griottines. Made with wild Morello cherries pitted and soaked in a light syrup of kirsch brandy, jars of Griottines flew off the shelves almost immediately and are now in demand all over the world.

These exclusive ruby-red cherries grow only in the Balkans. The fruit are hand-picked by skilled staff who undergo extensive training in picking and collecting the perfect cherries. The picked fruit is washed, sorted, and graded according to diameter in a collection center that is located as near as possible to the harvesting area. This minimizes damage and bruising.

The crucial stoning stage follows. This is done by a specially designed machine that removes the stone of each cherry carefully and precisely without damaging the flesh of the fruit. This results in perfectly rounded cherries despite the absence of the solid stone in the center.

The stoned Morello cherries undergo multiple maceration phases where they are steeped in barrels of different liqueurs. The type of liqueur and the duration of each maceration phase are determined by the master distiller, using secrets handed down over generations. During each successive phase, the cherries soak up new and more complex flavors. A final touch of kirsch is added to the last maceration to give the cherries the hallmark flavor of Griottines.

Griottines can be added to champagne or cocktails, foie gras, yogurt and fondue, or eaten straight out of the jar. For a simple yet truly impressive dessert, add a spoonful of Griottinesto a scoop of ice cream or dip in melted chocolate. Griottines are a terrific addition to baked goods, such as muffins, cookies, and gateaux. Whether you decide to have them as a dessert or straight out of the jar, Griottines from Distillerie Peureuxare a delicious addition to any romantic occasion.

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