L'Ami Provencal

Located in the charming small French town of Eguilles, near Aix-en-Provencal, L'Ami Provencale offers an assortment of top quality products that range from hard old-fashioned Candies, French honey and Sea Salt, to natural bath and beauty products, Marseilles Soaps, and French Lavender.

All of their products are manufactured using a high level of precision and care, resulting in an end product that is perfect in every way! Each item is delightfully packaged using the same high level of care and precision.

The line of L'Ami Provencale herbs contain only the best quality herbs, which are packaged in stone jars, linen bags and burlap bags.

Then incredible purity and moisturizing properties of the brand's exquisite traditional soaps make them the ideal choice for sensitive or dry skin.

The delicious line of L'Ami Provencale Candies is famous all around the world. 100% naturally flavored and molded into the shape of the fruit from which it is made, these candies are as near to the real fruit as you can get. Pop one in your mouth and the rich taste of the fruit will explode on your tongue and fill you with a sense of heady delight! Even those who are not such huge fans of hard candies will find it difficult to stop at just one.

L'Ami Provencale Candies are made the traditional way, without any preservatives or artificial flavors. What they do contain is loads of natural flavoring. Packaged in an elegant 12-sided glass jar with a screw-on lid, and finished off with a beautiful ribbon, a gift of L'Ami Provencale Candies in Jar is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. This is the perfect gift for anybody at any time of the year, whether it is to say thank you, I love you or I'm thinking about you.

L'Ami Provencale Candies in Jar are available in raspberry, violet, lavender, citrus and honey flavors.