LeBlanc Stone Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8oz

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The image depicts a robust, opaque stone bottle of LeBlanc's Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Its unique material suggests a natural touch and is tailored to safeguard the oil's quality by blocking UV light. The bottle is labeled with classic, elegant typography that reflects the premium nature of the product within. Its traditional design hints at the rich heritage of olive oil craftsmanship, making it an attractive and practical piece for any kitchen.

LeBlanc's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a symphony of flavor that's both fruity and utterly delightful, earning its place as a favorite among connoisseurs. Now, this cherished fruity oil comes encased in an elegant stone bottle, not only enhancing its visual appeal but also offering protection from UV light to maintain its freshness. The design marries form and function, making it a striking gift for any gourmand while being practical enough to display on your countertop for everyday culinary use.

In Iguerande, France, since 1878, Huilerie LeBlanc has been producing high-quality, made-to-order nut and fruit oils, adhering to ancient Burgundian traditions. Over 120 years, the LeBlancs have ensured their oils are unmatched in freshness and flavor, cementing their status as essentials for culinary enthusiasts.

Ingredients: Olives. This product is packaged at a facility that also processes treenuts and peanuts.