The brand Pommery won the Gold Medal in the National World Wide Mustard Competition 2013 for their grainy mustard. To win such a high honor despite the stiff competition from other mustard makers speaks volumes about the quality of their products.

J.B. Pommery began making Meaux Mustard using a secret technique that has been passed on to him by the Chanoines. Alongside his mustard company, J.B. Pommery also operated a millstone quarry, which ensured that the raw mustard grains that were used were of the highest quality. The flavor of the mustard was a huge hit from the time it was introduced and production had to be expanded quickly to meet the demand. By 1890, the Pommery family was the only mustard makers left in the region.

Through the years, Pommery's Meaux Mustard has been prepared using the same recipe as in the past. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its unique characteristics, which gives their products a quality that none can replicate, and the processes have stayed true to the purest traditions of the time. The end result is a product that has a distinctive taste and flavor. It is this stringent adherence to quality that won the company the Gold Medal.

Their commitment to high quality does not stop at the manufacturing process. All of Pommery’s products are packed in all-natural stoneware and sealed with non-compressed cork, which ensures that the contents remain fresh for a longer period of time.

In addition to their award-winning grainy mustard, Pommery also manufactures a wide range of gourmet mustards flavored with cognac, cranberry, chilli peppers and fine herbs.

Their range of wine vinegars is prepared with the same level of care that the company is well-known for. Whether you use Pommery’s Red Wine, Raspberry White Wine or Sherry flavored vinegar, all you need is a little dash to liven up any dish! All of their wines are also packed in stone bottles that help to preserve their delicious flavor.