Launched in 1959, the Conserverie Gonidec is the last sardine factory in the famed and scenic harbor of Concarneau, just off the coast of Brittany. Through the years, the company has remained steadfast in keeping alive the know-how and traditions of the fish canning industry in this charming little town.

The Cannery Gonidec selects and prepares the finest sardines with the same care and techniques of more than two generations. Fish are caught on day-boats, unloaded and brought to the cannery during the night and then processed early the next morning. After being sorted by size, they are cooked using traditional recipes and preserved in quality extra virgin olive oil and other natural ingredients. They are then packed by hand into individual tins.

Every step ensures that freshness and quality are maintained. No artificial flavors are used in the preparation. The techniques used, combined with the lack of artificial additives, allow the rich flavor of these gourmet sardines to shine.

The extra virgin olive oil does more than give these sardines a great flavor. The olive oil works to soften the fish and bones, so that the sardine can be eaten whole without a problem.

can enjoy Gonidec Sardines in a wonderful array of exciting flavors:

Whichever flavor you choose, you know you can't go wrong. With their simple, all-natural, high quality ingredients, Conserverie Gonidec sardines always have a fresh taste and will leave you feeling immensely satisfied