Conserverie Ferrigno Nicoise-Style Sardines 4oz

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The image shows a tin of "Sardines à la Niçoise," encapsulating the lively spirit of Nice, France. The tin features an illustration set against a tropical backdrop, with palm trees and a glimpse of the famed Promenade des Anglais, suggesting a connection to the vibrant coastal city.

A fashionably dressed woman in a green ensemble, complete with a sun hat and sunglasses, is seen holding a glass, perhaps of a cool drink to enjoy with the sardines. The artwork conveys a leisurely, sophisticated lifestyle associated with the French Riviera.

The tin's border is a warm orange, complementing the summer vibe of the illustration. The product name, "SARDINES À LA NICOISE," is prominently displayed at the top, with a description of "Niçoise sardines (peppers-chili)" below, hinting at the spicy and flavorful contents. The weights are indicated as Net wt. 4.05 oz (115 g) and Drained wt. 2.29 oz (65 g), giving consumers clear information about the quantity of the product.

Overall, the design suggests a product that offers a taste of the French Mediterranean, flavored with spices that embody the essence of Niçoise cuisine.

Experience the rich tapestry of French culinary tradition with Conserverie Ferrigno's Nicoise-Style Sardines. This gourmet selection features succulent sardines bathed in a classic French sauce, a vibrant mélange of peppers, onions, and garlic, delicately seasoned with just a hint of chili pepper for a subtle kick. Encased in a convenient 4oz tin, these sardines offer a taste of the Mediterranean that's both authentic and tantalizing, perfect for those seeking to add a touch of Provence to their table.


Sardines (Sardina pilchardus) 70%, extra virgin olive oil, peppers 5%, onions, garlic, salt, chili pepper 0.5%.