Conserverie Ferrigno Sardines in Olive Oil and Fleur De Sel 4oz

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This image presents a tin of "Sardines à l'huile d'olive et fleur de sel" with an inviting illustration on a sky-blue background. The scene on the tin depicts a charming coastal landscape with a fisherman and a musician. The fisherman, dressed in a white shirt, red neckerchief, and a straw hat, is carrying a fishing net over his shoulder, hinting at the freshness of the sardines. Beside him, a young boy in traditional attire plays an accordion, adding a touch of local culture and festivity to the setting.

Behind them, the picturesque coastline is dotted with cliffs and sailboats, conveying the Mediterranean origins of the product. The scene is serene and sunny, capturing the essence of a leisurely day by the sea.

The product name is framed at the top of the tin: "SARDINES À L'HUILE D'OLIVE ET FLEUR DE SEL" which translates to "Sardines in olive oil and flower of salt." The description below the illustration confirms the product as "Sardines in olive oil and flower of salt," and the weights are listed as Net wt. 4.05 oz (115 g) and Drained wt. 2.82 oz (80 g).

The overall design of the tin suggests a premium product, combining the flavors of high-quality olive oil with the gourmet touch of fleur de sel, a hand-harvested sea salt. It evokes the simplicity and purity of the ingredients and suggests a product that is both traditional and refined.

Dive into the purity of the sea with Conserverie Ferrigno's Sardines in Olive Oil and Fleur De Sel. This 4oz offering encapsulates the essence of the ocean, with sardines delicately preserved in the finest olive oil and seasoned with Camargue fleur de sel. This exquisite combination not only highlights the natural flavors of the sardines but also brings a touch of French gastronomic excellence to your palate, offering a simple yet sophisticated culinary experience.


Sardines (Sardina pilchardus) 70%, extra virgin olive oil, Camargue fleur de sel 0.5%.